Friday, 30 November 2012

Busy week.............

Hi everyone,
I mentioned in the last post we had a busy week ahead and so it was, however, it's always a pleasure when it concerns doing things we love. We'll start with our Begin Patchwork workshop, the ladies are doing us proud and producing some lovely quilts. We are at the stage of adding the borders, they have kept up a sterling pace, with just one more workshop to finish with the binding and label. Below are some of our ladies hard at work, but we were treated to some lovely cake at coffee time.

Then we had our Ever Decreasing Squares Quilt workshop at Coast and Country Crafts and Quilts, which thankfully went ahead even after they suffered from a flood at the weekend. Here are some photos showing the beginnings of some beautiful squares.

And finally, we had a very inspiring meeting today with some of the ladies that have joined 'Textile Maids'. We've made plans, sorted a venue to meet, got people in place to take on 'duties', so, all in all we think it's going to be an exciting time ahead, we'll keep you posted.

Phew, I think that's all for now.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Degembris Open Day.....

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately for our lovely friends at Degembris, who worked so hard to put on their open day, the weather took its toll with only a few brave souls venturing out to visit.

Here we are set up and ready, it's all good practice and should they decide to do another, we can treat this as a dry run (excuse the pun, sorry).

Still on the subject of the Retreat Weekend, we have put some photos onto flickr and Degembris have added some to their blog,
Also, thank you to Dianne for the lovely comment on our guest page, we look forward to seeing your beautiful wall hanging in its frame.

We have a busy week ahead but I have such 'itchy' fingers, I must get into my sewing room and have a play this afternoon.

If the weather is keeping you inside, hope you spend it creatively.
Bye for now

Monday, 19 November 2012

Degembris Retreat Weekend

Hi everyone,

We have had a fabulous retreat weekend, with gorgeous food, plenty of cake to keep the energy levels up, a superb work space, beautiful weather and lots of laughter. Hannah and the crew made us very welcome and on Sunday entertained us with a slide show of photos that Roger, her dad, took of us all at work, which caused great up-roar.
Here are some of our photos, sorry they're a bit spaced out but I did warn you at the beginning of this blog venture, I'm not computer savvy..............

Heads down

Building up the layers

Always time for a giggle

And a cuppa

Growing quickly

Busy hands
Dianne hand sewing embellishments

Constructing the back of Margarets

Cushion tops at the end of a lovely weekend

And a few of our bits

This was just a small selection of our photos for now, when we get some of Roger's we'll post some more.
Carolyn and I really enjoyed the weekend and it's lovely to get our first retreat under our belt, can't wait for the next one now, so come on ladies, get booking............

We will be there again next Sunday 25th, for Degembris Open Day, they have many more traders there, so if you have any free time why not pop over, have a look around, stop for coffee and some of their lovely cake, I can recommend it.
If you do visit please stop by for a chat and make yourselves known to us, we'll be in The Siddle.
Thanks for reading, bye for now.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Degembris here we come!!

The planning is completed, the samples done, our bags are all packed and we are ready for our first Retreat weekend at Degembris Manor Farm.

The Manipulated workshop is a lovely workshop to do and what with a wonderful setting and marvelous hosts (Hannah & Kathy) it promises to be a fabulous weekend! Who cares if it is a little wet!!

We will be posting photos next week so please keep an eye out for them.

Speak soon.

A very excited