Monday, 26 November 2012

Degembris Open Day.....

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately for our lovely friends at Degembris, who worked so hard to put on their open day, the weather took its toll with only a few brave souls venturing out to visit.

Here we are set up and ready, it's all good practice and should they decide to do another, we can treat this as a dry run (excuse the pun, sorry).

Still on the subject of the Retreat Weekend, we have put some photos onto flickr and Degembris have added some to their blog,
Also, thank you to Dianne for the lovely comment on our guest page, we look forward to seeing your beautiful wall hanging in its frame.

We have a busy week ahead but I have such 'itchy' fingers, I must get into my sewing room and have a play this afternoon.

If the weather is keeping you inside, hope you spend it creatively.
Bye for now

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