Friday, 14 March 2014

Update and Recycled Experiments...

We had a lovely day yesterday with our Begin Patchwork ladies as they completed two more blocks, Carolyn has taken some photos of work in progress so we'll get them up soon.

Today I've been experimenting with something that's been festering in my head for a while...

Recycle experiment
..looking at this photo you probably think it's nothing different for me as I usually want to paint everything anyway, but this is a combination of recycled bits - off-cuts of work, cardboard, magazine words, tissue paper and gesso. The next stage will be to add some paint (no surprise there then), not sure when that will be but if it works I'll post the results.

Tomorrow we are off  to visit Carnbrea Quilters with our Manipulated Fabric Workshop, my camera is on charge so I'll make sure to pack it later.

We've had requests for a Free Machine Workshop, if this is something that would interest you please get in touch and when we have a few more we'll arrange a date.

You will find a full list of our workshop dates on our web site if you fancy joining us, from patchwork to mixed media. All our workshop can be achieved whatever your level of ability, it's worth having a go and if it doesn't work...we'll paint it!

Thanks for reading

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