Thursday, 12 June 2014

Such joy and relief...

The Saints quilt is finished and ready for the exhibition at Truro Cathedral from 30th June to 14th July. As you may know we are great fans of Kandinsky's work, so we've used his style as our inspiration by stacking the carved images, then overlaying lines to represent the sundial, lead markings on the windows and the arches.

Obviously I can't show you the whole thing just yet, but here is a section and a brief summery...

St. Enoder
This piece is based on a time line starting with a painted footprint onto hand dyed fabric showing the changes St. Enoder has gone through over the years. We then used hand dyed scrim for the font and the carvings on the altar and pews.
We overlaid a window to represent looking through time made from bias strips using hand dyed fabric. It was then a case of bringing it up to date with machine quilting and finally the couched lines. For the binding we used more hand dyed fabric in purple this time, which is a colour often used in religion.

I'll put the whole piece up when the exhibition has started, but I hope you've enjoyed seeing this detail and if you get a chance please visit the exhibition, many people have put a lot of hard work into this and it's wonderful for Cornwall, so we want it to be a success. I'm stewarding on Friday 4th July from 2.30-5pm if you'd like to pop in for a chat about our piece or anything else.
Also, after this exhibition the quilts are going to be travelling to quilt shows around the country, so keep an eye out you may get a chance to see them there.

And finally, we had our Recycled Logs Workshop last week which was wonderful and everyone got into the spirit of recycling clothes, furnishings, even 42 year old lace. Here are a few pieces of work in progress...

Recycled Logs Workshop
Saturday we're off to South West Quilters in Honiton with our Square Strip Cushion Workshop, so we'll be sure to take some snaps to show you next week.

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