Tuesday, 31 July 2012

2 JQ's

Here are two of the journal quilts I've finished and posted onto the contemporary web site. I used transfer dyed, hand dyed and indigo dyed fabrics to try and recreate a painterly feel.

                                                        Sicily Tiles 1

Sicily Tiles 2

I mentioned in an earlier post that we had been away, we took ourselves off to Sicily, it was a special holiday to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary. As usual my camera never stopped clicking and I came home with some lovely images to use as inspiration for a very long time. Two such photo's were of beautifully hand painted tiles that adorned the weathered walls everywhere.
I used an A4 sketch book to draw the designs so I had the right size for the journal quilts, it meant I had to elongate the square tiles but that didn't affect the patterns.

I thought painting the designs and useing hand dyed fabrics, gave them the same hand painted look as the original ones. Now I have the designs I can get started on the next two JQ's.

Back soon


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