Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dead line...........

Hi everyone

At last I've completed the yellow JQ's, but only just before the dead line! Must do better starting next month on the 'blue' challenge and keep up with Carolyn, loving her yellow JQ's.

The hand painted tiles I've been using as my inspiration, which I showed you in an earlier blog, had a lovely free style about them, I wanted that feel in my third and fourth JQ. To get that look I decided to use bondaweb, which when painted creates beautiful textures. I fuse the shapes to a transfer dyed background, which I covered with fine tulle.
I also wanted to re-create a sketchy look, so I outlined the shapes with two rows of free machine quilting, I free machined the background for added texture and interest. The edges are finished with satin stitch and painted with gold acrylic, the tulle was distressed with a heat gun.

Sicily Tiles 3

I think these are my favorite two so far, I love working with mixed media.

Sicily Tiles 4

On the final one above I also added seed stitching and french knots on the background. 

Now I need to start thinking of a 'blue' theme and hopefully get moving on it, I will definitely be heading down the mixed media road though.

Hope you enjoyed seeing both mine and Carolyn's JQ's.

Back soon

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