Tuesday, 12 March 2013

As our saying goes...........

I have the biggest 'itchy fingers' after our workshops last week and no time as yet to get creative and relieve them. I managed as far as Wednesday to keep the postings up-to-date.  We had a wonderful workshop at Friendship Quilters on Thursday evening (sorry no snaps), where the ladies produced  lovely dissovable work, creating delicate lacy bowls and pieces to applique on to future work.

Today we had week two of our Quilting and Textile Design Course, which was painting, drawing to create designs and free machine quilting, as you can imagine I was very envious.

Below you will see a variety of techniques to add colour to sketch book and sample book pages, we also painted various mixed media bits that will be used later in the course.
Tables set up and painting in progress
Students at work 
Students designs creating pattern 
Students designs with free machine quilting
I have a few days now to get cracking, so I'll post my results when and if I get there. Hope you're making time to be creative.
Back soon, thanks for reading

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