Wednesday, 20 March 2013

We had a lovely 'Turtle Tuesday' in Sue's Sewing Shed yesterday. 

Last time we had our Turtle Day we started on a "Round Turtle Challenge" the idea being that it would get our creative ideas going before we start on the day properly,  so yesterday we added the second part to each others fabric. 

Turtle Challenge

Turtle Challenge
 What a difference it made!  We then, had to decide what to do next,
which we eventually did, but you will have to what till next time to see what that will be!!

 So now to think about the rest of the day, usually we have a bit of a plan before we meet up, but not yesterday!  Anyway after a coffee and a shortbread, we remembered a couple old friends that just needed to be finished and we set about working on them!

Delicate work in progress
We had started these two pieces a little while ago and had to put them to one side while we concentrated on other bits, so it was great to get them out again.
Working with an African feel - maybe!
Hopefully, we will soon be able to show the the finished items.

Bye for now

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