Monday, 29 April 2013

Transfer Dye mania............

I seem to be on a flowery theme at the moment, must be the sunshine and working in the garden. In the last post I introduced you to Rose and I said I had another one ready for stitching, so now meet Poppy Red.
Poppy Red
Poppy Red detail
All this was done with transfer dyes, the background fabric, sashings, binding and poppies. I love the mottled effect and it's so easy, no mess or waste or rinsing dyes down the drain and when the papers are finished with they can be used in mixed media work.

If you fancy giving this technique a whirl we are running a workshop on 13th June at Fraddon Village Hall. We provide all the dyes, with no extra costs to you, so it's the perfect opportunity to try something new and get a stash of new fabric in the process.

I said transfer dyes were addictive, should I say it again..........I have another waiting to be stitched and one waiting in my head.

I'll leave it at that, bye bye


  1. I love transfer dyes, you're never quite sure how they will turn out. Yours are really lovely and your post has reminded me that I have some leaf prints from last autumn that still need stitching.

  2. Hi Naida, you're quite right they're unpredictable, is that the attraction or the soft glow. Hope you get to finish your leaf prints.