Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sketch books & Textile Art...

The pleasure of keeping a sketch book is two fold, firstly to resolve currant projects and secondly to dip into when new work is called for, unless you work in a series you'll always have done more in your sketch book than is needed for a single piece. We've mentioned that we are putting Textile Art pieces into The Craft Kiln at Charlestown, so that's just what I've been doing and having a wonderful time going back over my sketch books to find inspiration for new work.

You may remember a few year ago we took part in the Journal Quilt Challenge and I had great fun working into a small hand stitched sketch book. This is one of my pages for the 'Blue' challenge...

sample from the 'Blue' challenge

I've made the two pieces below using this sample as my inspiration...

'Cornish Sea'
These are mounted onto card stock ready for The Old Workshop Charlestown.
(If you follow our Textile Maids blog you will notice this also inspired my Monochrome Challenge).

Hope you have a lovely Easter with family and friend or maybe in the garden. If you pop over to our web site you can catch up with our Spring Newsletter and Workshop Programme.

Bye for now

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