Monday, 14 April 2014

Well Hello!!

Just when you thought only Sue could do the Blog here I am........

It has been a very busy year so far in the Richards household, but I am rather hoping that the arrival of Spring will see things level out a little.

Saying that, Sue & I have been busy with the 'Begin Patchwork' workshops (which hopefully you have been following on the blog).  We have a lovely group of ladies and as usual it is great to see friendships develop and beautiful quilts emerge.  We have a little break now but will be cracking the whip again in May!

We have also enjoyed visiting groups for one day workshops and we are looking forward to the next couple we have planned after Easter.

Recycled Log
We are also getting excited about running our first 'Recyled Logs' workshop in June.  The idea behind this workshop is to use any of items of clothing that you no longer wear and create a beautiful quilt using a variation of the 'Log Cabin' block.

We have used old shirts, skirts, jeans and curtain fabric, but the choice is endless.  This idea can also be used to make a delightful cushion, if you prefer to make something a little smaller!
Recycled Cushion
Well, I think that is all for now. 
Thank you for reading and hopefully I will be back again a bit sooner than last time!! 

Happy Easter,

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