Sunday, 8 April 2012

BP are blogging!

Hi everyone,
I am excited and also a little apprehensive about this new venture of blogging. Anyone that knows me will understand why........ computers!! (give me a sewing machine anyday).
The little I know I learn from repetition, so eventually I will master this!!

Carolyn and I have created this blog so each of us can share our inspirations, thoughts and the projects we are working on with you.

We have signed up to take part in the Journal Quilts project with the Quilters Guild comtempory group.
Each quilt must be A4 size and we make 1 quilt a month.
The theme is 'Shades' and our first 4 months is Red.
I have been taking sunrise and sunset photo's for a while so decided this would be my inspiration.
Below are a couple of sunrise photo's.
These are my first 2 quilts finished. I used hand dyed fabrics and written Shepherds Warning in free machine quilting with torn edges to add to the warning message. The second quilt has an organza free machined tree.
Thanks for looking, speak soon

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  1. Hello Sue and Carolyn,
    May I just say how impressive your first attempt at blogging is.
    Keep up your good work. My wife doesn’t nag me half as much!!