Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Keeping busy..............

Hi everyone,

It's my turn to be home alone this time as Carolyn is having a few days off. So, I thought I would keep busy and do something I've wanted to try for quite a while.

Many years ago I bought a book by the quilt artist Yoshiko Jinzenji. Some of her work used a limited colour palette with free machine quilting creating pattern and texture.
At the time I made notes in a little 'black book' I keep, on the first page I write -
To Do........one day!

In the past I have taken great pains to make brightly coloured patchwork cushions for our conservatory, only to have the sun bleach all the colour out. So, having to re-new them I thought this would give me an opportunity to use Yoshiko's method as my inspiration.

I used calico fabric and added colour, pattern and texture with Madeira thread and free machine quilting. What a wonderful way to spend a wet Monday afternoon............

Quilted Cushion
I like finshing my cushions with the pillow case method so the ties pretty them up and the cushion behaves much better. Cross fingers the sun damage will not notice so much!!

I must just tell you, we had a lovely Manipulated Fabric workshop last week, thank you Margaret for leaving a comment on our guest page, we will pop some photos up soon. Also, we will be having our first get together soon with Textile Maids, how exciting.

Now back to my little 'black book' for another cushion idea.
Thanks for reading.

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