Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Enforced Separation!!

Work in progress

Well, I will be very happy to see the Spring and hopefully the back of these awful "bugs" that are doing the rounds.

Sue & I have not been able to get together for a couple of weeks due to the awful cold and eye infection that she has had, so we have had to do a bit of "solo sewing"!!

Following on from our last very successful 'Turtle Day', I have been continuing to work on that project. 

I will wait until I have seen Sue before showing you any more, but all I can say is that great fun to re-visit the Artist Wassil Kandinsky's work.

My fingers are itching again, so I think I will have a little lunch and disappear into my room this afternoon, and maybe do a little sketchbook work!!  No don't get excited Sue, it will pass!



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