Friday, 8 February 2013

One Pheasant and Two 'turtles'

Hi everyone,

Funny title you may think, but I've been asked if the no. 2 man in my life is still visiting, so here is a recent photo to show you he's still looking splendid.
Mr.  Pheasant Jan 2013
As for the next part of the title, we have had 2 'turtle' days this week. Tuesday was all about admin, up-dating paper work, deciding on new pieces for workshops and working on ideas to take Beyond Patchwork forward.
To that end, we have set up The 'Shopping Shed', you'll find it up and running on our web site, thanks to Carolyn's daughter Rebecca. At the moment we have our Sail Boat and Tug Boat 'Recipes', a selection of our printed cards depicting our own work and gift vouchers, which always make good presents. We will continue adding an assortment of items, so pop back often to see what's new.

You'll also find our newsletter on the web site, but if you would like us to send you a copy each month, just drop us your email address, so you'll always be kept up-to-date.

Our second 'turtle' day was Thursday, having got the mundane stuff out of the way it was time to get things rolling. In an earlier post we showed you some background fabric, this has now been used to make a project for our Easter Retreat Weekend at Degembris Manor Farm on the 22nd-24th February.
Tulip Bowl

View of lacy lining
It's based on our ever popular Fuchsia Box, we've made changes, shape, construction and the addition of a pretty lacy lining made from dis-solvable fabric.
This would be the perfect addition to an Easter table filled with Easter Eggs or Easter Biscuits or as a gift for someone special.

Now, to leave you with another little teaser, a few photos of work in progress for a Transfer Dye workshop.............

Longer than normal post today, but hope you enjoyed seeing what we get up too.
Thanks for reading

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