Monday, 25 February 2013

Mixed Media Stitched Book

Those of you who follow us on a regular basis, will remember we signed up for the Journal Quilt project last year. Obviously that's all completed now, but I haven't shown you the finished hand made stitched book I had been working in. It was a small book to work in but now it's looking fat and full.
Hand stitched book
I've shown you this weave page before, but to carry it forward I used an aperture to select different areas, then translated the shapes and lines within the aperture with stitch.
Selecting areas of interest
Small sketch and translating with stitch 1
Small sketch and translating with stitch 2
Small sketch and translating with stitch 3
I like to cut things up and re-arrange, here I had a number of photos which I cut into, glued to a paper background, scanned and printed, then cut the printed papers different ways and re-arranged. The original image on top with the square photos is my favourite and is now in my book.
Cut and re-arranged papers

I also like using layers to create transparency, on this page I have drawn Agapanthus onto different materials so each image shows through.
Tissue paper and organza layers

I think this page feels very delicate.
Lace printing and wax stencil Agapantus
So, from this little book I have gain all my inspiration for the 12 Journal Quilts, I love how the spine shows the colours of each section.
Spine colours
Journal Quilt Project 2012
Hope you enjoyed having a look through these pages, I'm sure I could revisit some and continue to gain more inspiration.
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