Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My New favourite thing..........felting

Sue & I met up yesterday and had our first Turtle Tuesday for a little while, and it was lovely.

We had a play with our Turtle Challenge by adding some sheers to our own pieces and then some acrylic paint to each others!  Very nerve racking but we did it and the results are looking promising.  Next time I think we will be working on our own by quilting them.  

Anyway, after warming up on the challenge we just had to tip out all our buys from last week and have a little play with them.  Fancy saying we have 'no self control'.......well really, I reckon we were very controlled and only had a small (ish) bag!!

My new favourite thing must be felting........fabulous.  I have left the stash at Sue's otherwise I may not get any other work done!!

Then in the afternoon we started on a new Doodle design for our Doodle Cushion workshop and The Shopping Shed.  They are looking very good and we will show you a photo once they are completed.

Thanks for looking


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