Saturday, 18 May 2013

We have no self control...........

Yesterday Carolyn and I went for a little jaunt to Probus to see what Wingham Wool Work had to offer.
This was our first visit to one of these venues. On entering you are presented with a large plastic bag to hold your purchases. There was a glorious array of wool, fibres and yarns, so much temptation. Everything was sold by weight and of course the materials feel quite light, you could easily get carried away and yes we did.
However, we have a gorgeous stash of goodies to show for it.

part of the display
more temptation
definitely need some of this

Carolyn's taken it all home, but next time she visits we will inspect and stroke our wears so we'll show you then.

Another outing yesterday was an invitation to the Tate St. Ives for the opening of their summer exhibition. My man and I got dressed up and had a lovely evening, fabulous Barbara Hepworth sculptures and Patrick Heron silk screen prints. Obviously I couldn't take photographs of the exhibition but here is a few of St. Ives.

love visiting St. Ives

view from the cafe
    much better colours in this sunset than shows here

Back soon

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  1. It was lovely to meet up with you again at Probus. I came away with more than I intended, but so difficult to resist all those lovely fibres and yarns!