Thursday, 31 May 2012

798 miles

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I said I'd let you know about Mr Pheasant, I'm pleased to report that he's in good health with no sign of any lasting effects to his poorly foot.

Now, its been a bit hectic here, we spent the weekend travelling. Our niece invited us to Norfolk to their second son's Christening. We went via London to visit our girls who are both at uni there and stayed the night with them. On Sunday we drove to Norfolk for the Christening, which was very lovely and very hot.
I made each of the boys a quilt as a Christening gift, the one above I made two years ago for their first son's christening and the quilt below is the one I made this time.
On the label I put their photo, date of birth and Christening date. Quilts are such a personal gift and always much appreciated.
After a lovely day meeting family we drove back to London for a second night, then drove back to Cornwall on Monday.

Our 'turtle' day on Tuesday was spent making sample blocks for our 'Begin Patchwork' course in September. We've chosen some old favourites such as the Log Cabin block above, and some new ones which, once learnt will make beautiful quilts on their own.
The quilt will be constructed using the Quilt-As-You-Go method, so no massive amounts of quilting at the end.
We are going to open our course to day students, by making a weekly programme it will be possible to choose a particular block or method. We think this will be an excellent opportunity for experience patchworkers to expand on their existing skills.

Finally, Carolyn, her three and a half month old grandson and myself went to Bude today to see the Parkhouse Patchwork exhibition, which was as always a lovely show.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend, if possible I will be in the garden and of course make time for a little sewing.

Speak soon, Sue



  1. I LOVE the first play quilt you made! It reminds me of Gustav Klimt but in a different colourway. Any chance you might do a class to show us how to make these blocks etc. (I have attended your classes at Sally's, they are always fab, really inspiring!)
    Keep up the good work, best wishes. Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline, glad you liked the quilt. Carolyn and I are meeting on Tuesday, we'll have a chat about the possibility of a workshop and be in touch, it was a lovely quilt to make. Thanks for the comment, nice to hear from you, best wishes. Sue