Monday, 7 May 2012

Exhibition Day Out

Hope you've enjoyed the long weekend. We've been expecting a downpour this weekend, but thankfully nothing has arrived, which has meant we could continue to tidy up the garden. I love this time of year when old favorites start to poke their heads up through the soil.
We found time from gardening on Saturday to visit an art exhibition by two cornish artists, Michael Praed and Terry Whybrow at Trebehor, near Sennen. A while ago I started working in my sketchbook using Michael as my inspiration, which I hope to turn into textiles at some point in the future. While I was studying my City and Guilds course I was drawn to cubism, overlapping shapes and transparency, all of which Michael depicts beautifully in his sail paintings.
These are some pages from my sketchbook, I'm not someone who has ever been able to draw, but we must start somewhere.
Down the right hand side is a print taken from a hand carved lino block.

The exhibition is on until the 11th May if you're down that way take a look, the details can be found on the Eleven and a Half web site.
Hope you enjoyed a peep into my sketchbook, maybe I should join an art class!
See you soon

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