Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Like Sue, I have been busy doing monthly Journal Quilts for the Quilters Guild - Contemporay Groups challenge.  

I have wanted for a long time, to explore different textures and mixed media in the safety of a small quilt, so the Journal Quilt Challenge was, I thought an ideal opportunity.  I have played with mixed media before, but thought that I would be able to indulge myself more if I gave myself only a few boundaries. So there will be a theme to each JQ, in so much as I will predominately use only the colour of the month for the fabrics, threads and notions. 

Also the base fabric will be constructed using the same technique, for example; for the RED months I used variations on the “Cut & Sew” method, and for the YELLOW months I will use the ”Whole Cloth” method. I have yet to decide on the BLUE months. 

Martian Threads - Carolyn

January                Martian Threads
I started by using the basic Cut & Sew method to make this base fabric, and gradually altered the cutting to make larger and smaller sections.  Layers of Angelina fibres, voile and netting where added before I embellished with straight machine quilting and hand-stitching.  The name for the quilt comes from the darker thread that I have couched onto the piece; it reminds me of a thread that I saw covering plants on the coastal path in Cornwall, which, as a family, we named Martian Threads.  The base fabric is made from a selection of cotton, vintage ticking, suedette and linen.
Red Fusion - Carolyn

February              Red Fusion
While making the January JQ I fused together, threads, snippets of ribbon and shavings of wax crayons in a laminated pouch.  I liked the finish effect but didn’t think that it was applicable for that JQ, so I saved it for later.   After making the base fabric again using mainly vintage ticking, velvet, cotton and fabric paper, I burnt away parts of the laminate sheet and attached it to the top of the piece.  I have used small paper fasteners, free machining and hand-stitching, including French knots and seed stitches.  I am pleased with the overall effect of this JQ and the way that the plastic mixes with the natural.   
Sand-Scapes - Carolyn

March                  Sand-Scapes
I used mainly vintage ticking and cotton on this JQ which I free-cut and pieced together before attacking with the rotary cutter for the Cut & Sew effect.  I overlaid with voile before cutting again and the effect adds another texture to the piece.  I have used fine wire and wire mesh to add more texture which I have free machined and couched into place.  I highlighted areas with acrylic paint and seed stitching.  .  I have several photos taken on our local beach of patterns in the sand; one in particular has very similar movement, waves and variety of colour, which is why I named this JQ “Sand-scapes”.

Blooming Red - Carolyn

April                      Blooming Red
I have used a selection of linen, cotton, flannel, velvet and vintage ticking to make the Cut & Sew base fabric for this JQ. I randomly pieced some of the fabrics together before bonding on to a piece of calico and starting the Cut & Sew process.  I like the variation in smooth and rough that is achieved by this method.   Using dissolvable fabric I free machined the rosette which I then couched
onto the backing fabric.  The rest of the piece is free machined and hand-stitched, painted with red fabric paint and over painted with gold acrylic.  Although I really like the background fabric I am not so happy with the finished JQ – hence its title! 

I'm rather looking forward to doing the Yellow months now and may use the fabric that I made on our first Turtle Day last week!!

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