Friday, 25 May 2012

The other man in my life.....

I would like to share with you the very handsome Mr Pheasant.......

Mr Pheasant had been visiting my garden for at least six years.We've watched him grow, sometimes looking very dishevelled. As with most men he's quite demanding, he shouts for me to go out and feed him and  has been known, as with one Christmas a few years ago, when we heard a tapping on the window, only to look out and see Mr Pheasant standing on a flower pot knocking on the patio door. He comes when I call him and will happily allow me to stand close by while he feeds.
He walks up the pavement and in through the gate quite nonchalantly. I mentioned it at our quilting group, the next time we met Jacqui said, "I've just seen your pheasant walking up the pavement", luckily I had put his food out.

Needless to say he is very welcome in my garden, I don't mind the odd hollow he makes himself to sit in or the scratched lawn under the bird feeder, although my husband doesn't share my thoughts on that, we had a new lawn put down last year, whoops! I don't even mind going out clad in my dressing gown to clear away the snow so he can feed, or donning a rain coat when it's pouring down or letting my meal go cold if he calls at dinner time.
Because of the new lawn I tried to stop feeding the birds for a while, but the garden was lifeless without them. And a special treat this year we've had black birds nesting in the honeysuckle and a second brood in the conifer.

I felt very privileged recently, Mr Pheasant brought his lady friend with him, (only the once, I think she ate too much) so watch this space I may have pheasent-lings (poult) to show you!
He has given me cause for concern today, when I went out to him this morning he could only pitch on one foot, fingers crossed next time he calls he will have recovered, I'll let you know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed meeting the very handsome Mr Pheasant.

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