Friday, 13 September 2013

Following the family footsteps!

Well, that was a rather lovely summer, and sunshine too, marvellous!!  We had all the family down at various times over the 'silly 6 weeks' and are now rattling around on our own again and not too impressed that Autumn seems to have arrived. 

My plans to do lots of hand-stitching went out of the window, as we were far to busy catching up on all the latest news and the odd drop of red wine, but I did have an order for 2 large strip cushions for my daughter to take into her new school for the quiet corner.  

While doing this our eldest Grandson Thomas stood quietly watching once  my task was finished he was sent out to find some bits and pieces during a walk on the cliffs.   He came home armed with some lovely stones, pebbles and drift wood, and asked Grandad show him how to drill holes in them so they could be stitched onto the piece.  Together we sat down and planned his picture, although I have to say I had very little in-put. 
Artist at work!
With the plan at his side he work beautifully and carefully until the picture was finished.  It was a delight to watch him and I am very proud of him and the work that he produced.

Proud I think!
You will be able to see his work at our Open Day, as Thomas has kindly allowed me to display it then, on the strict instructions I return as soon as it is over!  We are now planning a cushion to be made during the next summer holiday!

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