Thursday, 26 September 2013

London Trip

Before I chat about my trip to London to see my daughter and family, on board their houseboat, I would like to show off the stash of 'lovelies' from our time at the NEC this year.  We had a brilliant couple of days and I am really happy with my new additions.
NEC Stash
I have already used some of the bits in my collage but the rest I am looking forward to playing with!!  
The quilts on show were quite inspirational and we both came home with fingers itching to get stitching!!  I have to say since then I have been trying to finish off a few of my UFO's; mainly in time for the Trelyn Qulters Exhibition next week but also in readiness for our own Open Day in December.

Now to my London visit.......... our daughter and family have recently moved to London, so that our son-in-law can finish his architecture degree.  They decided that a houseboat was the way forward and found a perfect little one for themselves.  Rebecca is doing a blog, (The Mercury Unit) recording the making on their new Murphy Bed which Simon has designed and they are both involved in making.

So much to see!!
Anyway it has not been all work and the 3 of us have had a couple days out to explore London.  We took the clipper and tube on our way to the Natural History Museum.  Eli loved the Clipper but was not so sure of the tube.  I can understand that!  The museum had a lovely display of gem stones and minerals and this Roman marble table top, which was rather beautiful.  

Roman Marble Table Top
Our next stop was coffee at the V&A, a must for anyone!!  

It is now time for our next adventure........... Carolyn

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