Wednesday, 18 September 2013

No passion for ironing...

I must start this evening with a mention to Carolyn's grandson Thomas and his outstanding achievement at making such a wonderful picture to remember his summer holiday. I've seen it in real life and it's so neat and tidy, I'm sure they are all very proud of him. Well done Thomas, a designer in the making!

As my title suggests I'm not a big fan of ironing, but there are always exceptions. Carolyn and I had a little dyeing session this afternoon, now everything is rinsed, washed and ironed you'll see that this type of ironing is a feast for the eyes and no hardship.

We dyed cotton fabrics, a variety of silks, scrim (of course) and threads.
After we've done the obligatory stroking, we'll be using these beauties in various projects and some will be turned into sale items for our Open Day in December.

Hope this gives you sweet dreams


  1. Beautiful colours and textures. I envy you the fun you will have working with that lot.

  2. Thank you Naida. We're both busy for a while, so it's really frustrating having to put them to one side and I think Carolyn will notice if I pinch a bit!