Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Birthday stitching..........

It's my birthday today, so I decided to spend it in the sewing shed with the door open and the sunshine pouring in. I couldn't ask for a better place. Now that the veg and herbs are looking nice and green I thought I would show you my view from the shed door.

I have tried sitting on the swing seat and sewing, but doubling up with glasses and sunglasses just doesn't work and it's a real sun trap.

As for my stitching today, I've been quilting a fabric collage piece we showed you a while back. Here's a small section during quilting that's finished now and I'm adding the hand embellishments which is always the best bit and adds character to a piece.

Fabric Collage Workshop
The collage is for one of our new Autumn workshops, as is the next image.

Marvellous Markels Workshop
I know what you're thinking, I've mentioned Markels before and how much I like them and we have a number of samples, but I can't seem to stop making more. Markels Paintstiks create such a lovely soft image, these are hanging above the ironing board waiting to be fixed.

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to today and I'll be back soon


  1. What a lovely way to spend your 'big day' I really can't think of a better one. I like your Marvellous Markels a lot and can see why you are enthusiastic about the samples you make.

  2. Hi Naida, I could do with a few more days like that. I think I need to find a distraction from Markels or we'll have too many samples. Thanks for leaving a comment. Sue