Friday, 11 October 2013

Busy times!

Unfortunately I was unable to help at the Trelyn Exhibition, but I did manage a quick pop in with my parents just before we drove up to Salisbury for our daughter's Graduation.  It was a lovely sight, the hall was full of fabulous work.  Everyone had worked really hard on the quilts and on putting the displays together.  I felt proud to have made a small contribution to it, and would like to thank Sue for all her hard work on the Beyond Patchwork display!.

We had a wonderful time at the Graduation, it was wonderful to see our daughter achieve her dream, she is now a Primary School teacher and is loving it.

As Sue mentioned we had a good day on Tuesday, catching up with the dreaded admin, and then starting on our Recycle quilt that we have been planning for a while.  It is looking good and we are excited that it will be on show at our Open Day.  

We also made a few plans for that day too, and would like to say 'thank you' to those of you that have offered to help on the day and for lending us your works to display.  We will be in touch.

To get some inspiration for some new work, I have been looking through some of my photos from this year and thought I would share these two taken on our weekend break to Germany in January. 
Painted Wall in Konstanz - Germany
We visited the city of Konstanz, a beautiful place on the banks of Lake Konstanz.  The buildings are very authentically German and they paint the walls with borders and patterns and I was very impressed.   Also who couldn't be impressed with these doors!!
Beautiful old doors in Konstanz - Germany
Food for thought I think!

Thanks again for reading.


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