Thursday, 3 October 2013

Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts...

As promised here is a peek at the quilts being set up yesterday at the Trelyn Quilter Exhibition...
Carolyn's 70's quilt
beautiful selection
1st prize raffle quilt
teddy bears picnic and chairman's challenge
Mr Woodley had far too much fun!
Beyond Patchwork display
another beautiful selection, that's including Mr Woodley
After my panic that my quilt wouldn't make it to the exhibition, I thought I'd better show you that it did and here it is...
Celtic Heritage
Christmas corner
This is only a small selection, there are 70 quilts in total on display and the comments from visitors today have been wonderful.
I think you'll agree we have such talent in our group, it's always amazing when everything comes together, you walk into the hall and you're surrounded with all that colour.

I must say a huge thank you to all the husbands who gave up their time yesterday to put up the quilt stands, sterling work men. See you on Saturday for the dismantle!

Thank you to everyone who stopped for a chat today and to all the ladies who are interested in joining us for workshops, it was lovely to catch up with you all.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing these photos, I'll try and put some more up next time.

Back soon



  1. Ohhh they all look loverly, am coming down tomorrow. Are there refreshments as it will be about lunch time?

    1. Thank you Mary. Yes we are doing lunches, which I sampled yesterday and it was very nice. Please find me and say hello.

  2. Hi Sue Sorry I missed you it was quite busy when I got there today but very lovely as was lunch! Will catch up with you somewhere no doubt. Mary

    1. Glad you enjoyed yourself today and I am sorry to have missed you. Maybe you could pop down on our Open Day 5 Dec if you have time. Best wishes