Thursday, 24 October 2013

Today's Fabric Collage Workshop

We had eight lovely ladies join us today, some having been on workshops with us before and some that were new to us, but all had an amazing stash of gorgeous bits to add to their Fabric Collages, which as usual gave Carolyn and myself itchy fingers.
Everyone was happy to experiment and try something new, colour was added with paints, printing and painted Bondaweb.

Here's a selection of photos to share with you...


Here are the Collages at the end of the day, ready to have the finishing touch added. Starting from top left we have...Penny, Gill, Fran, Patricia, Edna, Debbie, Margaret and Jenny.
Our ladies worked at such a speed, all started adding embellishments and hand stitching, even getting as far as attaching the facings to finish the edges.
Thank you for such a lovely day ladies and allowing us to share your fabulous work here.

I'm going to finish with a photo to show you one of the amazing quilt stands that a very good friend of Beyond Patchwork has made for us...

Thank you so much Keith from both of us.

Hope that wasn't too many photos for you to wade through, I did try and edit .
Back soon

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